Inside The Quirky Pet

It is impossible to understand a Vermont general store of any kind without actually experiencing it in person. This general store has shelves overflowing with all USA made products you likely won't find in the box stores that sell pet supplies or the grocery store shelves with pet supplies. It's a floor to ceiling tree in the front with dried animal parts and a tree in the back that holds just about anything that is 'hangable'--- no rhyme or reason. There's the Quirky Pet Aviary with its 11 parakeet employees. On a Vermont summer day you can actually hear them on Street Street when the screen door is open.


Of course, it's also about the legendary Bergamasco store dogs--- Aria and Cuba. Most of all the shop is about our customers---old and new---who stop in to shop or just to say "hello". It goes without saying that dogs are always welcome here!

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