Why We Opened The Quirky Pet

When first imagined, the idea was to create a really cool small pet shop where you could still pick up things, actually touch them and get a feel for them before purchasing. We imagined a folksy pet shop like the Vermont general store of old, where people bring their dogs in, puppies wrestle and customers share advice with each other. On a good week all of this happens over and over. 

The Quirky Pet is proud to actively support over 125 small businesses across the US who are quietly rebuilding an American pet supply industry that has been overwhelmed by a tsunami of low cost imports over the last few decades. Everything sold in the shop was selected by owner Cindra Conison to meet three criteria:


•Quality materials and construction

•Price competitive

Cindra is constantly on the search for distinctive new stuff to offer. If you have something to recommend, drop a line:


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